Many of the responses we received to our Dear Citizens initiative are on economy and fairness. We received many questions, concerns and ideas in particular on economic security and the future of European economy. 


Luis wrote to us asking for a lot deeper integration being prioritised whereas, Aonghus was calling for going back to EEC style construction and only focusing on the Single Market. One of EPP’s main principles is subsidiarity, a word that sounds really technical but is not. It just means that we want all decisions to be taken as close to the citizens as possible. If a decision can be best taken at local level it should be and if the most can be achieved by deciding on it together by the soon 27 Member States, it should be decided at the EU level. Our approach is pragmatic, let’s focus on the big things that give the most benefits such as finishing the Single Market to create millions of jobs.


Many citizens also wrote about unemployment, like Viki and Michail from Greece and Robert from Romania. We are really concerned about the situation of the youth and that’s why we campaigned on boosting investments to create new jobs in 2014. We call it the JunckerPlan and until now it has generated an extra 225 billion euros of investments which has already created and will create even more new jobs. We want that every citizen has a job and that is why we have pushed for reforms to give everyone access to the labour market. One of the biggest problems is skills mismatch and the quick pace of technological advancement. Therefore, we demand all EU Member States to guarantee access to adult learning because we must make sure that everyone can benefit from technology and globalisation.


Many wrote about debts, fairness and the financial crisis like Maria from Ireland. Early this February we published our own new plan how to reform the Economic and Monetary Union to increase economic safety and fairness. One of our key suggestions is to separate banks and states from each other to make sure that, us the taxpayers, will never again have to pay for others’ reckless mistakes. We think that not only would this increase fairness but also increase overall economic security in the EMU. This is fundamental for us.


Thank you for all your comments, questions and concerns. Please, let’s keep the dialogue going. 

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