Petra's conception of the European project.


Petra shared with us her conception of the European project as a big family of shared values and shared her “vision of a peaceful future”.

Indeed, the European Union is a family of European States. A family that got together after centuries of war and grew. Never before in history, in fact, has Europe witnessed such a long period of peace. But today, instead of solving our disputes in the trenches with guns, we solve it at the negotiation table — with words. As in any family, we all have completely different interests, and reaching agreements takes time; but it also reflects the liveliness of political debate. Nevertheless, we have developed the biggest economic bloc in the world, and our way of cooperation and the social market economy are serving as a model for many regions in the world.

Our real glue, though, is our values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law — values that are here to stay and that continue to drive our vision for the future.

Here are Petra's thoughts:

“To our shared values, to the friendship that brings us together no matter our differences, to the future! 
The European project is successful, and the fact that so many people can't see this makes me sad. Sure, there are problems, there are things that could be run more smoothly; but there are always ups and downs. It's a part of human nature, not knowing what to do, how to do it; but I am sure we all share a vision of a peaceful future, a future of prosperity and, ultimately, of happiness.

This is a love letter to that — to our hopes and dreams. We all share them: left, right, centre, religious or not, young and old, everyone. And we are in this together, which means we need to take care for our house. As a big family. Sometimes dysfunctional. But which family isn't from time to time? Making compromises, helping each other, sharing our knowledge, working together for common goals and overcoming our differences: these aren't as important as our shared hopes for the future.

And we can't achieve our dreams apart, not in this modern world. We need each other, every small fraction, because together we all are better off. “

— Petra

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