Europe is founded on solidarity. Throughout our history the EU has a proud record of standing in solidarity with Europeans across the continent; in fact, the circle of golden stars on the EU flag symbolises solidarity and harmony between European peoples.

For Antonio Angelo, solidarity is “the most important value protected by the European Union” because “the sense of union must be a sense of mutual support”, and it “shall be and must be ‘all for one and one for all’”. He adds that the “sense of solidarity should not stop at the EU borders, as in a global world, all of us are human beings … 'united we stand, divided we (may) fall.”

We couldn’t agree more. For us, solidarity is a joint responsibility: the strong should help those in need, who in turn have to make an effort themselves to improve their situation according to their abilities.

We see solidarity as not only horizontal, or between human beings of all generations and all places, but also vertical, referring to the legitimate interests of future generations and including respect for the created world.

Furthermore, we believe that solidarity starts at home, in the family, and is indispensable for the common good of communities, nations and the EU as a whole. The principle of subsidiarity (which we strongly defend as well) requires that solidarity be always balanced by the concepts of individual responsibility and self-realisation.

At the end of the day, we all need each other.

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